Meet Our Team

Make It Good is made up of a small, committed team of designers, and artisans.  The line between production and creative is pretty blurry though.  At any point, you're as likely to see Leah at a sewing machine, than at a fashion show, or Krista up to her elbows in screen printing ink than styling lookbook photos. 

For us, fashion and design live at the at the intersection of manufacturing and art, and as much as we can, we try to destroy the distinction. It's just awesome clothing that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and admirable -- and you know where it came from, and who it was made by. 

Avery Bloom Bio Image

Avery Bloom


Avery began making clothing in his garage in Seattle WA, converting the space into an artists’ science lab. He has experimented with printing on materials from denim to spandex and added features with paint and embroidery. Avery also has a knack for problem solving, building and engineering. He is a mechanic, of sorts, when necessary. His passions have since blossomed into a Make It Good and Nell & Mary.


When he's not working at his command center in the Make It Good shop, or designing silhouettes in our micro-factory, he can be found hiking through mud in his Sperry’s or hauling production equipment up steep hillsides. He loves his two little canine princesses more than anything in the world, except of course, his fiancé, Leah. In his 'free time' Avery does freelance mobile and web app development for clients like Google, LG, Samsung, Intuit, and Comcast.

Leah Stovel, Bio Image

Leah Stovel


Leah and Krista's mother taught the sisters to sew at a young age, and fostered their knack for sewing, and passion for fashion, design, and a DIY ethos. Living on Whidbey Island as girls, they absorbed the combination of rustic island life, and a sense of how to compose spaces and outfits. When Leah first got her hands on an industrial sewing machine it was love at first stitch. From that moment she was determined to learn every detail of sewn product manufacturing -- and she has done just that. From the finer points of production flow, cutting and printing techniques, to the next industrial sewing machine, to becoming a top-flight production seamstress herself, Leah has become a self-taught production master.


When she's not designing Leah can be found taking her “little wolves” for neighborhood adventures, hitting the showroom floors, scouting the hottest trends, or sipping Pisco Sours in South America. She sports statement-piece necklaces and has a shoulder to lend to friends in need.

Krista Stovel, Bio Image

Krista Stovel


It was Krista's freshman year of college when her interest in design started to look more like an addiction than a hobby. She started hording interior design magazines like a groupie collects concert stubs. But Krista wasn't born a spectator. She ended up studying a Interior Design, Art History, and Sustainable Design, and then worked day jobs to satisfy her other passion: traveling. When Leah and Avery moved to Portland, it was just a couple of weeks before she was neck deep in Make It Good, and together they started to scheme their home goods line Nell & Mary.

Her distinct sense of design was honed while globe trotting, but is always rooted in the mix of Japanese, Scandanavian, Americana that grounds the North West aesthetic.


In her free time, Krista can be found cooking-up a storm in her kitchen, hosting an afternoon bash, or kicking and paddling in Oregon’s finest swimming holes. If you can't spot here there, she's probably speeding around Portland on her Bianchi to drop in on a good friend. She'd never admit it, but she bakes a better birthday cake than your mother does.