The production space now includes over 2000 square feet including a design studio, screen printing shop, sewing machines, and cutting tables.

Our control of every part of the design and manufacturing process led us to design a unique manufacturing procedure that we use for nearly every piece we make:

1) we cut cut the fabric for each garment
2) we screen print each individual piece
3) we sew them into complete garments.

Some of our pieces involve printing the same pieces a half a dozen times or more before it ever touches a sewing machine. The result is garments with prints flowing smoothly into seams, necklines, and the inside of garments, while maintaining reasonable prices, minimized waste, sustainable materials, and maintaining US-made quality.


We are happy to create job opportunities in America and glad to be a part of a movement of bringing production back to this domestic land. We are appreciative to be able to run our company in the town we love to live in. We proudly manufacture all of our products at our micro-factory in Portland, OR.

There is no wondering how the working conditions are, because we are on the factory floor at all times, experiencing the comforts and conditions first hand. We produce and oversee every step along the way. We design our own silhouettes and lay-our fabric. We cut our garments and create our own graphics. We mix our own inks and pull our own prints. We stitch and quality-control every individual piece, by hand, as well.

We also proudly source 100% organically-grown cotton, milled in the United States, to support American agriculture and resources. Our screens are stretched by another Portland-based company and we have our letter-pressed cards made by a neighboring printer. We ship with American postal and parcel companies and boastfully retail in shops and boutiques across the United States.


We are not only committed to creating high quality clothing and home goods, but we also want to do it responsibly. We do everything we can to minimize the impact of our production and the footprint left by our company. Being a sustainable business isn't a marketing strategy. It's how we do business, and we are always looking to improve.

• Our unprinted fabrics are milled in the USA whenever possible
• The cotton for our fabrics is organically-grown in the USA when available
• Our inks are soy or water-based and have the least impact on water-processing facilities
• We source all of our materials sustainably from renewable and/or organic fibers
• When available, we rescue material bound for the waste stream for limited-edition product runs
• Our shipping packaging is made of environmentally conscious materials. The corrugated boxes are approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and are fully recyclable. The small mailing envelopes we use are made of 88% post-consumer fibers and our larger mailers are made of 100% biodegradable material.
• Our production facilities use harvested rainwater to flush toilets and skylights to keep energy    use to a minimum




We pride ourselves in the quality of all of our products so much that all of our items are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing flaws. If you have any questions/concerns with any of our products, or for any reason, you need to exchange or return an item, simply contact us and we will take care of it.


Portland Showroom

We are open to the public! We invite you to stop-in and check-out our finished products.

We would be happy to set-down our squeegees, step-away from the cutting table, and put a hold on computer work for a few minutes to answer questions.

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Weekends/Evenings: by appointment only:Contact Make It GoodHolidays: We are either sleeping-in, adventuring, or spending time with loved ones!