Welcome to our new site!

We've been working hard (pictured here) on new website  for both Make It Good and our home goods line, Nell & Mary, and we're finally going live!  We'll be adding a lot of polish in the days to come, but it's on its way.

Along with our first ever lookbook, and just an overall snazzier site, we wanted to do a better job of telling everyone what we're up to. To tell you the truth, we're a scrappy lot and we are neck deep in designing and manufacturing beautiful clothes every single day. But in all the hubbub, we sometimes forget to tell anybody about what we're doing. 

So we've made communicating with you all, in the crazy ol' world a top priority of the site in general.  

Keep an eye out here, and also on Facebook for updates, news, stories, and new designs.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Avery, Leah, Krista, and the Make It Good Team


Photo Credit: Krista Stovel

Pictured: Drew, Avery, and Leah 

We'd love to hear from you... What do you think of the new site?

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